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Aignep Flow Control, 55915-6-1/8, Knob Adj., 6Mm Tube X 1/8" Swift-Fit, Composite Body


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AIGNEP Flow Control, 55915-6-1/8, Knob Adj., 6MM Tube X 1/8" Swift-Fit, Composite BodySimplify the world of push-to-connect fittings with the Alpha Swift-Fit. One fitting that works with either tapered or straight threads. NPT, ISO 228, BSPP, ISO 7 BSPT, G Thread. If you have a pipe thread, you can count on Swift-Fit to seal without leaking. Port size can easily be identified but what about that thread pitch? Tapered, straight, inch, metric who knows? Assumptions are made, threads are stripped, and expensive equipment destroyed. You could try and retap threads; you might have to wait for a new component to be delivered. In any case, down-time is increased; production time is lost all over a simple fitting. Save time, save money by using Alpha Swift-Fit.
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