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Folomov EDC-C2 LED Flashlight - Nichia E21A - 600 Lumens - Includes 1 x 3.7V 14300 - Grey

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The Nichia E21A LED now features a 5000K color temp for a warm white glow, and increased overall brightness peaking at a 600 lumen turbo (↑50% brighter!). The included 14300 battery features over double the capacity (↑108%) to offer greatly increased runtimes and over 35 hours of illumination.Ultra Compact EDC Design We believe any ≤6" light makes for a comfortable EDC, but the EDC-C2 Grey pushes compact to the limit at just over 2 inches long! You could probably call this a keylight, but the removeable pocketclip makes this light easy to carry clipped to your pocket or hat brim. Features on Features A good EDC light can do it all, and the EDC-C2 is definitely up to the task. Use either illumination or tactical modes for preferred quick-access to your favorite modes. The lockout and countdown timer functions are ideal to prevent accidental activation and battery depletion. The magnetic tailcap is perfect when you need an extra hand– simply attach the EDC-C2 to a metallic surface for hands-free lighting. NOTABLE FEATURES ✓ Upgraded LED offers enhanced 600 lumen turbo (vs. 400 lumens on EDC-C2 Black) ✓ Included 14300 is 208% the capacity of the EDC-C2 Black, offering over double the runtime (up to 35 hours) ✓ Magnetic flat tailcap attaches to metal surfaces for hands-free lighting solutions ✓ Countdown timer (up to 10min) available to prevent accidental battery drain ✓ Accessories: 14300 Battery, Pocket Clip, Micro-USB Cable, Spare O-ring(s) BRIGHTNESS OUTPUTS Specs Turbo High Med Low Moonlight Strobe/SOS Beacon Brightness 600lumens 200lumens 65lumens 13lumens 1lumens 160lumens 50lumens Runtime 1hours 1.1hours 3hours 8hours 35hours /hours /hours SPECIFICATIONS BrandFolomov ModelEDC-C2 ColorGrey WaterproofIPX8 Impact Resistance3.28 / 1m LEDNichia E21A Color Temp5000K CRI80 Peak Intensity6950cd Max Throw548ft / 167m Battery14300 (Included) Charge PortMicro USB DIMENSIONS Length2.14" / 54.4mm Diameter.73" / 18.5mm Weight1.05oz / 30g
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