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Empire BLI-204 700mAh 7.4V Replacement Lithium-Ion (Li-ion) Camera Battery for Canon NB-2L

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Canon Camera Replacement Li-ion Battery Pack Great Spare Battery for the Photographer on the Go! The BLI-204 is a rechargeable Li-ion battery pack replacement for the LPE6 camera battery. It is a 7.4 volt battery with a carrying capacity rating of 700 mAh. The BLI-204 can be used in more than 90 different Canon Camera models as a spare or replacement battery. Features: Replaces the following Canon Camera Batteries: LPE6 LP-E6 Compatible with the following Canon Camera Models: DVU-CAN1 R1 Canon 40, 50, 500, 60 DC310, DC320, DC330, DC410, DC420 DIGITAL REBEL XT, DIGITAL REBEL XTI ELURA 40MC, ELURA 50, ELURA 60, ELURA 65, ELURA 70 ELURA 80, ELURA 85, ELURA 90, EOS REBEL XT EOS 350D, EOSKISS DIGITAL N, EOS REBEL XT FV500, FVM100, FVM100 KIT, FVM20, FVM200, FVMFVM30 HV20, HV-20,HV-30 IXYDV3, IXYDV5, IXYDVM3 MV5, MV800, MV830, MV830I,MV850I,MV880X,MVMV5I,MVMV5IMC,MVMV6IMC,MVX200,MVX200I,MVX20I,MVX250I,MVX25I, MVX300,MVX30I,MVX330I,MVX350I,MVX35I,MVX40,MVX45I OPTURA 30, OPTURA 400 PC1018 POWERSHOT 40,POWERSHOT 45, POWERSHOT 50, POWERSHOT D60, POWERSHOT D80, POWERSHOT G7, POWERSHOT S30, POWERSHOT S40, POWERSHOT S45, POWERSHOT S50, POWERSHOT S60, POWERSHOT S70 VIXIA HFR10, VIXIA HF-R100, VIXIA HF-R11,VIXIA HG10, VIXIA HU40, VIXIA HV30, VIXIA HV40 XTI ZR100,ZR200,ZR300,ZR400,ZR500,ZR600,ZR700,ZR800,ZR830,ZR850,ZR900,ZR930,ZR950,ZR960 Specifications: Li-ion Battery Pack 7.4 Volts 700 mAh Dimensions(LxWxH): 1.77x1.3x0.63
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